Insulated Concrete Forms

Strong, resilient, cost-effective – SuperFoam ICF blocks are revolutionizing the construction trade! Foundations and footings are being erected more quickly and efficiently using the innovated ICF system. Here’s how it works: ICF blocks are comprised of two layers of expanded polystyrene insulation connected with moulded web connectors.  The tops and edges have pre-formed interlocks ensuring perfect vertical and horizontal alignment. The result is an insulated concrete wall of uniform thickness with superior energy efficiency and thermal resistance. Attaching interior and exterior finishing materials are easy with built-in web-connectors.

A variety of block configurations including 45 and 90 degree, straight and T-block provide unique opportunities for creativity and design freedom. The unique insulating component of SuperFoam ICF blocks means your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Strength, energy savings up to 60 per cent and low maintenance costs make ICF ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications. A better way to build the future.

Ask the team at Concrete Specialists about Superforam ICF and the many advantages of this remarkable system. Trust Concrete Specialists for residential foundations including excavation and backfill, commercial excavation footings and foundations.

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